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What is Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT)?

Morphogenic Field Technique is a symbiotic combination of energetic healing and nutritional healing. The energy field is used to find the foundational and clinical nutritional needs of the body at the cellular level using a modified form of muscle response testing. The Morphogenic Field is an extension of the healing energy of the nervous system.

Morphogenic Field Testing/Nutrition Response Testing is a foundational and clinical nutrition technique with an emphasis on:

  1. The body's innate healing abilities.
  2. Acknowledging the biochemical individuality of the patient.
  3. Addressing the issues of our modern diet and its resulting deficiencies.
  4. Recognizing the concerns created by environmental toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals and genetically modified foods.
  5. Finding the specific nutritional program for the individual.
  6. Education of the practitioner and the public about how to use our unique form of "informational healing" to address these concerns quickly and accurately.

What is Muscle Response Testing (MRT)?

MRT is a procedure which is performed with the goal of drawing information from the body of the person being tested. The practitioner is looking for a change of strength to the test muscle when different environmental variables are introduced. Each muscle response test is a snapshot in time. This means the "answer" could change any time the environment is altered.

One muscle response test is of little significance. Taken collectively within a system of testing, information from the body becomes valuable to the practitioner.

Information provided by Frank Springob, DC: Morphogenic Field Technique.

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