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Chiropractor Zgia Hoffpauir - Kjonaas D.C.

Chiropractor Shoreview & Shoreview & Arden Hills MN Zgia Hoffpauir - KjonaasDr. Zgia Hoffpauir - Kjonaas grew up in Shoreview, MN and was active on the Mounds View swim team. After high school, she continued to be involved in athletics including marathon running and fitness competitions. She completed her 11 years of schooling at Northwestern Health Sciences University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. She found her passions as she entered the mission field in Mexico, Africa, Haiti and most recently the Dominican Republic. She is passionate about the art of chiropractic and educating her patients about true health, inside and out.
Dr. Zgia now resides in Shoreview where she enjoys meeting new people in the community and nurturing lasting relationships. When she isn’t learning more about living a vibrant life, you’ll find her playing sand volleyball, lifting weights, camping, quilting, cooking, spending time on the lake and most importantly working on her relationship with Jesus!

Her Story…
Dr. Zgia was in multiple car accidents. Like many people, she waited years before seeing a chiropractor. After her treatments left her enjoying life pain-free again, she realized her desire to heal others as she had been healed.

Over the last 10 years, she has been passionate about the empowerment of non-invasive pain devices. Through new lenses, a passion was born for healing. She chose not only to heal by the works of divinity, but trust in her studies of the bodies innate power to heal itself. Olive Me Chiropractic not only encompasses decades of experience, but a lavish order of healing and passion. She lives for her patients to find an answer in their journey.

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Dr. Zgia earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University and is professionally certified in the following areas. Click each item to learn more:

Understanding Your Care

Assistant Jacqueline Eastman

Chiropractic Arden Hills MN Jacqueline EastmanJacqueline grew up in North Branch, MN. After high school, she lived in Texas and California, during which time she worked in Chiropractic care. In 2002, she moved back to Minnesota to start a family. She has 3 daughters. With her daughters she enjoys learning, adventuring, and living life with. She enjoys being outdoors- camping, hiking, exploring... as well as reading, personal development, and travel.

Jacqueline went on to receive further education in Biology and Psychology. She worked several years as a personal trainer and explored a traditional medical career. She is very excited to be working in Chiropractic care again. Jacqueline is very passionate about natural healthcare and guiding others in understanding health and wellness, as well as developing her knowledge and skill-set further in Chiropractic care.

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“Dr. Z is the most skillful chiropractor around!!”

- Emily H.

"Dr. Zgia makes my body feel better so I can do what I like to do best! 32 weeks pregnant,and still out door-knocking. Can’t stop, won’t stop for my clients. ‪#‎happypregnantrealtor‬ ‪#‎happy clients‬‪ #‎lovemychiropractor‬"

- Heather R.

"I couldn’t sleep last night I had so much pain in my knee and sciatica, but thanks to Dr. Zgia Hoffpauir - Kjonaas, I left her office feeling so much better!!!"

- Ranette H.

"I was on 10mg of Acid Reflux medicine until4 months ago when Dr. Z adjusted my an area in my stomach. I was told I would be on medication for the rest of my life. After Dr. Zgia did this, two days later I decided to go off my medication. I have not had Acid reflux since."

- Jessica F.

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