Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic?

Why Chiropractic

I get asked the question "why?" quite often. Why Chiropractic?

The question is simple. "All of Me," "Olive Me" and YOU ended up here. Life is a series of transitions, surrenders, exclamations, celebrations. My journey began as a child. My father was far away. My mother was near. I was surrounded by a loving family, a large Sicilian family with depth. Yet, as a child, I felt different. I felt loved, surrounded and comfortable, yet different. Fearless. The brain does amazing things to protect us and help us feel safe.

Fast forward, I entered Hamline University, specifically for Forensic Science. I wanted to understand the mind. I understood it, so I entered into the Anoka County Criminal Investigation Division. This was not enough, so I entered Police Officer schooling. I couldn't stop until I understood more. Then came faith. I found it, then I found myself in Medical sales and then on the African mission field. Two times, witnessing medical miracles, and at times lack of.

I knew everyone has gifts, but I was unaware we all have healing gifts. I simply prayed over others.  I was prompted to do more, then entered Chiropractic school.  I almost took a comfort job in Pharmaceutical sales.  The problem was, I did not want to give children medications with so many side effects.  My intuition was to run.

A year into Chiropractic school, I realized my gift was education and my hands. I was given the opportunity to go to school.  The intuition my faith and passion offered in healing and discernment of the mind, body and spirit moved me. I have been through suffering and have felt what others feel, emotionally and physically.

As I look back at my time on the mission field, I remember a 7 year old cerebral palsy child. I rocked and prayed for her, I kept thinking what a misfortune it was that this little girl did not have a Physical Therapist. I was seeing a Chiropractor, but it never dawned on me that it was her nervous system that was compromised. The thought of the American Medical system kept passing through my mind.  Specifically, had someone just taken care of her abnormally developing spine, this would, at the very least, had given the tissue renewal and a better quality of life. I cannot forget the feel of her shaking, frail body, the length and size of an anorexic 3 year old.

I chose my field, because I want to heal. I see healing, I get excited when my patients heal. I didn't know it then, but I know it now. We all have a purpose in this magnificent puzzle, and mine is one piece at a time.


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